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Cough cough

Oh livejournal. For whatever it's worth, I still come here and read my friends page. I know I don't post, but I promise - I care!

Gratuitous birthday post!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, anthony!!!!

Gratuitous birthday post!

Happy birthday to two of my most amazing and favoritest people ever, aleapofaith!Heather and themightybee!Sarah!!!!!!


Edward Cullen is dazzling you guys into having amazing birthdays. :-D :-D
Happy Jennifer Briasco's birthday, Richard Blake!
Dear VH1,

Now, I am a HUGE fan of your commentator shows. I Love the 80s, I Love the 90s, Best Week Ever, etc. I really do love them. They can be absolutely hysterical and I do love seeing people 10 times funnier than me comment on things that I remember from my youth.


I Love the New Millenium? Really? REALLY??? You do realize its mid-2008, right? You couldn't even wait another year and a half, for 2009 to be over and for there to be a full decade for you to use???

So far I've watched 2000 and 2001 from last night...while enjoyable (2000 WAS 8 years ago), I still find it absolutely RIDICULOUS that you're doing one of these series when you don't even have enough years to fill up ten episodes. RIDICULOUS.

How about you start actually playing music videos? Novel concept, I know.

Jun. 19th, 2008

Since we still have twenty minutes left in the day, happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaay Kelly Wallace!!!

Designers! Make it work!

Andy Karl is...Tim Gunn.

You gotta work on your soul...

Today mark the three year anniversary of when I saw Altar Boyz for the very first time.

That's insane that so much time has gone past. It's like it was a hundred years ago and two days ago all at once. I feel like a completely different person now...god, crazy how fast time goes by.


I freakin' love David Josefsberg.

Life is pandemonium...

Even though I spent the entire day with her and there's only an hour left in the day today...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, stayinmylife!!!